ContainX (Waste Collection Control System) geography information system based is a analysis and management mechanism.

Efficient use of the containers and waste collection vehicles provide analysis and plannings. Control of the coordinated container and the waste collection vehicle coordinating on the map provides decision-making at critical points gives us problems. With its structure that allows planning, it is able to find an answer for questions such as where the containers are, what the distance for the displaced is and occupancy rates. By vehicle tracking and rotation optimization, it aims to have fuel saving and to remove an unnecessary workload.

With its integrated structure and compatible technology, it has a great development period. ContainX provides an opportunity for general and regional analysis and measures all waste containers. Then, by passing the weights to the system, it is able to do regional waste analysis since it dynamic structure.

This solution has a wide network use that can easily be used by all local governments and the private sector.

ContainX is not only a decision / analysis platform, it also enables inventory management as a solution. All containers and trucks can be controlled with inventory processing system.

  • To show each categorised container on the map
  • Which will be displayed in the order in which the container by label
  • Occupancy and temperature data for underground containers
  • If displacement is more than the specified distance, alert mechanism will be activated.
  • Reporting when the waste containers displace.
  • To display the displacement on the map


  • To inform society with register system before waste collection
  • The simulation of the movement of vehicles on planned routes
  • Regional analysis by address selection
  • Display of planned and actual route of vehicles
  • To track vehicles instantly with VTS