Datamine Discover is the desktop Geographical Information System (GIS) designed especially for the geosciences.

For geology and geosciences in the field of geographic information systems applications in the need of specific improvements MapInfo, Discover and Discover 3D plug-ins developed in cooperation of Discover.


Image coordinating, discontinuation of image files, rotating and converted to different image formats.

The creation of driilling projects, drilling of horizontal and vertical cross-sections to be taking, the creation of drilling logs, the creation of color patterns

Surface modeling, gridand the creation of contour maps, to be geological cross-sectiono.

Spatial analysis in numeric fields, display of selection and statistics, spatial analysisi with attribute data

Geochemical data classification, statistical analysis and correlation process

Maps are colorized thematic properties fixing of the color patterns and regulation

Can prepare 3d dimension modelling and analysing data which are image analysing on Discover with 3d vector datas, drillholes and ores.

In addition to the MapInfo features there are added many new features, which are available for general usage, like advanced layer control options, able-editing-update features of applications on multiple tables and columns, improved object tools supported to make and prepare drawing of geological formation, tools of drawing poligon from coordinate, display coordinate values for projected data on the map. support for improved output window, the title block and scale arrangements.o.