Case study: MINING

Comment une agence minière nationale est maintenant en mesure de gérer les demandes de permis d’exploitation grâce à un formulaire en ligne pouvant être rempli en 20 minutes

Client: General Directorate of Mining Affairs (Turkey)

Challenge: Making license application procedures easier, while monitoring mining operations nationwide

Solution: Mapbis’ scalable GIS data environment, synthesizing all data into an instantly updatable system providing easy monitoring, analyses and planning



Le MIGEM est responsable de la délivrance des licences pour la recherche et les opérations minières et a été établi par une loi spécifique. La loi en vigueur n’autorise pas l’octroi du même type de permis d’exploitation minière pour la même zone, mais des permis pour différents types d’exploitation minière peuvent être délivrés. Le premier demandeur obtiendra la licence et les autres pourront se procurer les pièces restantes. Le système SIG facilite la gestion de cet arrangement énorme et complexe.

Les licences existantes, les licences expirées et les zones sans licence pour l’ensemble du pays peuvent être visualisées sur un seul écran.

  • Issuing mine licenses in an open and clear environment
  • Managing mine licenses with maximum ease
  • Following mining activities in licensed areas
  • Controlling unlicensed areas
  • Maintaining historical and current license database
  • Storing mine inventory database
  • Making spatial analyses and reports based on mine types, license types, license dates
  • Making license application procedures easier for companies and citizens
Since 2005, Mapbis web and desktop based GIS solutions have been developed and in use. Since 2012, a Kiosk Map application has been developed to make it easy for new applicants to apply for their first mining license. This application is used to apply for a mining permit and get the printout

  • by Entering Coordinates
  • by Drawing and Area

To Evaluate the Area of interest for logical and geographical problems

  • Map Sheet & Coordinates are checked
  • Orientation control (Clockwise)
  • Self Intersection Control
  • Minimum/Maximum applicable area control
  • Area Control for Sea Bed applications
  • Free area control
  • Steps are followed and reported
  • Service quality is increased
  • Productivity is increased
  • Dynamic , up-to date, improved and adaptable data analysis
  • Visual Analyses can be presented
  • Data sharing between departments, ministries, private companies and the public
  • Error free applications from the internet for citizens and companies
  • 800% increase in number of licenses issued
  • 10 years of uninterrupted e-government service

As an agency of the Turkish government and a part of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, MIGEM follows issues related to the licensing of mining operations, including analyzing and checking the applications for mining licenses.


Technology Used

  • Oracle as Spatial Database.
  • MapInfo Professional is the leading Desktop GIS solution.
  • MapXtreme is the powerful web based GIS application software development kit (SDK).
  • MapXtreme is the leading software development kit (SDK) for integrating location intelligence with existing business systems. It allows developers to build custom mapping applications, provide tailored views of geographic data and automate and augment business processes.