iNavi (Indoor Navigation)

iNavi (Indoor Navigation) is a 100% local indoor location detection and navigation system that works using only a smart phone, independent of hardware.

Fields of Usage

Hospitals & Medical Sector

• App for patients including indoor navigation, reminders and services

• App for visitors including navigation & more

• Position determination of employees and patients

• Tracking of mobile medical devices

• Integration to existing hospital information system

• Process optimization


• Asset tracking (Forklifts, AGV, robots…)

• Staff tracking

• Process optimization

• Defineable alerts, theft protection

• Client- & server based positioning methods

• Integration into existing ERP systems

• Process optimization


• Employee app incl. navigation, canteen plans, buddy finder, booking rooms

• Access control

• Visitor- and invitation management

• Support of facility management

• Asset tracking

• Theft protection

Trade Fairs & Congress

• Visitor app with details about exhibitors, products, events etc. including navigation

• Intermodal arrival and parking information

• Identification of relevant exhibitors based on user behaviour and profile data

• Frequency measurement & motion profiles

• Locating exhibition stand staff

• Theft protection


• Optimization of occupancy rate through user navigation and reservation

• Reduced traffic – people find a free parking space faster

• Preparation for future changes in the parking sector (autonomous mobility)

• Car finder

• Cashless payment

Retail & Malls

• Customer app for better orientation

• Intermodal arrival, car finder, parking

• Indoor localization, -navigation & routing

• 2D/3D maps including shops and facilities

• Frequency measurement & motion profiles

• Sales promotion at the POS (couponing, location based ads, push notifications)

• Cashless payment

Airports & Transportation

• Passenger apps, incl. intermodal traffic routing, mobile ticketing, delay alarm

• Indoor positioning, -navigation & routing

• Frequency measurement & motion profiles

• Sales promotion at the POS

• Location based marketing through geo couponing and location based ads

• Security relevant tracking, including alert


For more detailed information, please view our iNavi brochure.

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