MapXtreme is the leading software development kit (SDK) for integrating location intelligence with existing business systems. Developers can use this powerful location intelligence software to build custom mapping applications, provide tailored views of geographic data and automate and augment business processes.

MapXtreme’s powerful spatial capabilities are geared toward solving real business problems, with a powerful, user-friendly feature set. Flexible deployment options of this location intelligence developer tool include both desktop and web from a single SDK.

Mapping applications for one to many users

  • Customers can see coverage areas or find nearest locations
  • Engineers can spot network disruptions and notify customers
  • Sales and service reps can get directions to their next call

Share location intelligence across the organization

  • Access original enterprise databases and varied data formats
  • Manage growing web traffic with highly scalable architecture
  • Turn spatial information into a valuable corporate asset

MapXtreme .NET SDK

MapXtreme .NET SDK is designed for the developers who is familiar to Microsoft.NET technologies or already using these and wants to integrate wants to support an application with GIS. MapXtreme .NET SDK is produced for both desktop and web applications. Both desktop and web applications can be developed easily and resiliently with MapXtreme .NET SDK. Lots of map control tools, templates and drag-drop functions availible for developing applications fast and easily.

MapXtreme .NET Web Deployment

Necessary installation to publish web applications that developed using MapXtreme .NET SDK. After the installation, any application developed with MapXtreme .NET SDK can be deployed and published.

MapXtreme .NET Desktop Deployment

Necessary installation to run desktop applications that developed using MapXtreme .NET SDK. This installation is must for desktop applications to run on clients.

Key benefits of MapXtreme software include:

  • 100% .NET object model
  • Enables application development of map-centric or map-enabled location software for use throughout an organization
  • Provides a single environment for deployment of applications to desktop or the web
  • Complies with both geospatial and IT industry standards ensuring interoperability
  • Each version includes dozens of new features and functions